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About Trylina Dog Wear

History of the brand

he brand history counts more the 5 years of time. An extensive knowledge base was created based on monitoring the habits and studing the key needs of our four-legged friends. We had reached unique goals, taking into account suggestions of experienced dog owners, trainers and experts. All models of our collection were designed according to described above firm theoretic basis.

The design principle

The design principle lay several key requirements for each model of the collection:

For pets:< For owners:
  • Comfort and convenience – create the maximum freedom of movement;
  • Ensuring optimum temperature of body and warm;
  • Resistance, wind-proofing,breathability;
  • Protection against moisture and dirt;
  • Light weight and durability
  • Pets safety;
  • Reasonable price;
  • Extended product life cycle;
  • Easy-care and comfortable in use;
  • Elegance and style;
  • Extra Safety with light reflective elements of design;
  • Adjustable size of products;

The Mission

Dogs are no longer just pets. They bring the warmth to our lives just with their presence, joy – with their behavior and sincere affection and love – with their devotion – perhaps the biggest necessity in contemporary world.

Trylina eliminates the boundaries among common notions andaccentuates attention on relationship of a man and a his dog, where the pet deserves better attitude, comfort and the highest quality equally with his owner.

Our objectives

  • Strive for the acknowledgement of exceptional importance of the emotional bond among dogs and humans, facilitate to consolidation of this bond, as to another significant step to the development of inner world of human nature and the humanism, particularly.
  • Provide the maximum of comfort and convenience, safety and security of the dog’s and the dog owner’s everyday life, simultaneously filling it with style and elegance.
  • Give the dog owner the possibility to express and materialize the care of his four-legged friends, embody the feelings in products by Trylina.

Design, fashion, innovation

aking into account the changing nature of fashion, design development and evolution of engineering, young, gaining their popularity in high fashion world designers and the garment constructors were engaged in Trylina collection models development process. Highly skilled professionals with long-term experience ensured the highest production quality of Trylina models. Philosophy of the brand was established in a consideration of contemporary world’s demands, needs of comfort, simplicity, elegance and safety.

About Trylina Dog Wear

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